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CO2 Generator Propane (CD-36LP)

$ 845.00

Carbon dioxide generators operate by burning carbonaceous fuels such as propate or natural gas. The burners used in Green Air Products C02 generators are specially designed to maximize the production of C02 and minimize heat as a by-product. Green Air Products generators provide C02 far more economically than any other means of enrichment. A constant burning pilot is used to ignite the gas when the generator is turned on. A thermocouple is used to monitor the pilot flame. If the pilot flame is lost, a safety valve will close so that unburned fuel will not be released into the enclosure. C02 Generator operations may be automatically functioned according to actual ambient values when installed in conjunction with the CDMC. The generators may be controlled with timers such as the Cyclestat 4P. This control device continually samples the level of carbon dioxide in the growing area and activates the generator whenever C02 levels do not meet your predetermined values. Generators are easily installed, dependable and efficient. Transformer included. Operates on 110 volt AC.