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Mother Earth Tea Bloom

$ 24.54

Now 2 great products in one! Mother Earth Tea Bloom! Getting fast growth and large yields using 100% organic fertilizer can be a challenge. Most organic fertilizers don't flow right through your hydroponics system, and they don't contain the right nutrients that give you faster growth and bigger yields.

When you use Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom, you get a very potent compost tea that contains all the right organic nutrients that plants need to produce lush growth and large, succulent yields.

Here's just a few of the benefits that Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom gives you:

  • 100% Organic Nutrition for great-tasting, high value crops
  • Properly-blended, pure ingredients manufactured to high standards so you can easily use the formulas in all types of garden systems

  • Potent nutrition tailored to the grow and bloom phases so you get max growth and lots of flowers

  • Better-tasting, Higher-Value Organic Crops